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We have been innovators in the real estate industry for the past 25 years. Our journey in real estate began in the year 2016 with over 3000 marketing employees. Today Landmark Group is undoubtedly one of the state’s leading real estate companies with its innovation and strategy that sets it apart from the competition.
Our foundation is rooted in customer-centricity, innovative development, and strategic planning. We strive to give the right balance between sustainable living and a wholesome lifestyle. We prioritize community development and offer excellent EMI choices to ensure customer satisfaction. Our focus on abstract thinking, exceptional service, and rigorous preparation has earned us a reputation in the industry for world-class quality and transparent communication. We value honesty and strive to uphold it in all our interactions with our customers.

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" Loyal, Innovative, Goal Oriented is what WE are !! "

Landmark Group is a real estate company that has been in the industry for 25 years. The company is known for its innovative development, strategic planning, and customer-centricity. Landmark Group prioritizes community development, offers excellent EMI choices, and strives to provide a sustainable living experience. The company values honesty and transparent communication with its customers.
This real estate company located in Yadadri’s lush and pristine environment. Landmark specialises in creating splendid projects in hilly areas of the city and offers a living experience surrounded by lush greenery. The Group has earned the trust and confidence of its customers through years of hard work and passion, and has a unique infrastructural approach, industrial experience, and proficiency.

-P Ravinder Reddy

Founder & Chairman

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Our main objective is to intervene in issues that impact individuals, families, and communities by making unwavering promises to excellent living, work, and leisure environments.


Aim on becoming the top property venturing company by continually producing projects that meet international standards and providing outstanding customer service.

Rohan Reddy

Executive Director

Rohan Reddy, an accomplished leader with 5 years in real estate, is the Executive Director at Landmark Group. He blends creativity with strategy to redefine urban living. Rohan’s visionary approach drives Landmark Group’s success, pioneering modern aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability. His expertise extends to technology integration, elevating projects and communities. A sought-after speaker, he shares insights on future urban development and architecture. His journey to Executive Director showcases his commitment to excellence, leaving an indelible mark on the real estate landscape.

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We prioritize the trust and confidence of our clients, colleagues, and partners by adhering to ethical practices and delivering on our commitments.



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We are committed to delivering High-class quality and believe in being completely transparent and honest towards our customers in terms of sharing information about our projects.

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